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Some things we've seen that helped Clients (and saved them money) . . .

 Foundation in Harrisburg  Inspection Nightmare, Duct Tape Failure
Blown out foundation.  The 2x6 crimps just aren't enough. The local building department was called by the seller who had no idea the severity of this situation, and they had the contractor fix this at no charge. Duct tape isn't for plumbing repairs.  The owner had no idea this was happening until the home inspection took place.  He fixed it right away.
 Inspection Nighmare, Cigar Box Electrical Box  Cut Joist
A cigar box substituted for an electric panel. This was in the attic, a place for all sorts of surprises that can easily be missed without an inspection. An electrician was brought in and more hidden issues were uncovered.  The repair costs were deducted from the price.  The floor joist was cut to accommodate the toilet waste pipe.  It happens a lot.  No one would know about this until the floor gives way or the inspection is done.  A charge back was given at closing to address this with a structural engineer. 
 Leaning East, Soil pressure on a garage  Building Block Support, A makeshift assembly for support a floor
Soil pressure on garage.  The owner felt this was okay since the garage was till standing.  This is not a suitable situation from a home inspection point of view.  The buyer and seller renegotiated the sale when the inspection report arrived. Building blocks for floor support are often hidden in a crawl space.  If we can get in here, we look for things like this.  The seller called his contractor back had this fixed with a solid post before closing.
The point is, a home inspection helps identify these visible concerns so you can deal with them appropriately and save your headaches and money.