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ASHI - American Society of Home Inspectors

Why ASHI? ASHI Certified
ASHI, founded in 1976, is an association of independent, professional home inspectors throughout the country.  Together we make a commitment to conduct inspections to the highest standards possible in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 
We meet monthly.  ASHI members gather  for lectures and discussions to hone our skills and keep ahead of developing technologies.  If a home inspector is not an ASHI member, it is worth your time to questions how and where and on what they are maintaining their knowledge of home construction, safety and technology.  
As ASHI members, just as in the state statues, we are conscious to avoid conflict-of-interest activities that might compromise our  objectivity.

We begin as ASHI Associates with a rigorous vetting of our abilities.  Unlike other organizations, or even the state itself, our work is reviewed and evaluated by the membership board.  We must pass a comprehensive, written technical exam and perform a  250 professional, fee-paid home inspections.  Only then is an inspector granted the certification as an ASHI Certified Inspector.